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Unlock the Divine Wisdom Within

Our products are designed to empower and enhance the divine feminine wisdom within you!

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Herbal Formulas Made for Women, by Women


The Healing Power of Plants

Within each of us, there is a deep, inherent connection with mother earth and the ability to tap into the divine wisdom within her plants. By using nature’s medicine, we have the opportunity to strengthen that connection, allowing the healing power of plants to improve our overall health and vitality.

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There is power and magic in a woman's cycle

The menstrual cycle is a vitalizing system in the body and something that should be nurtured and supported throughout a woman's life. Part of our mission is to help you discover the integral role your cycle plays in your overall health and wellbeing so that you can harness the beautiful power you have within. Placing our focus on women’s health and vitality, we look to highlight our belief that each phase of a woman’s life is unique and something to be celebrated.

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