At Divine Wisdom Botanicals, we utilize the wisdom of rich herbal traditions of the past—including traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and traditional Western herbalism— and incorporate them with current scientific knowledge to create unique, high-quality herbal products. Our products are created with sustainable practices and ethically harvested wild herbs. We value the importance of protecting and enhancing the quality of our soil, plants, and our planet.

We put additional focus on women's health because each phase of a woman's life is unique. Women experience individual health challenges during transitional times, making it important to enhance and support all cycles of life. When taken as directed, our products are safe, gentle, and effective for women at every stage of life.

We offer custom formulas tailored to the individual to support every woman’s health and her ability to reconnect to nature to find her true balance. The customer will fill out a detailed health history then schedule a video call with Dr. Ashlie at their convenience. This is to learn about every client’s individual needs in full detail to provide a formula best suited for them. The formula will be created and shipped directly to their door.

Our current featured product is a moon formula. This product is designed to allow your body to connect with the beauty of the moon's energy and ease the troubles that many women face around their menstrual cycles. We also have a menopause support formula coming soon!

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